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A blog dedicated to Lana Del Rey. All gifs/edits are made/edited by me. If you have any questions, please read FAQ first and if the answer is not there, message me. I was 'lanagifs'' back in 2011.

Anonymous said:
Is 'fucked my way up to the top' aimed at anyone in the industry? There are rumours it's about gaga or lorde? Do you know anything? ❤️ xx

I definitely do not know anything but do you guys really think she would write a song about someone else known in the industry? Lorde? Do you really think she would attack a young teenager? As for Gaga, I’m sure it’s not about her either.

Anonymous said:
Do it. Eat them. One day of disregarding oral health is something you deserve. Eat the mushroom chips. Fuck dental hygiene for one night. Fuck it. Treat yourself

I was waiting for someone to push me into eating them because I really want them. Thanks, stranger. Now I will go to bed with a stinky breath. That’s so me xx

I have fucking mushroom chips next to my computer screen and I just brushed my teeth and I’m having the biggest battle with myself atm

I thought this summer vacation is going to be awesome.

Like who doesn’t love waking up at 10 am and just staying at home all day?

It sounds like a real life plan, sounds so good.


I’m literally going crazy.

they say i’m too young to love you, i don’t know what i need; they think i don’t understand the freedom land of the seventies; i think i’m too cool to know you, you say i’m like the ice i freeze; i’m churning out novels like beat poetry on Amphetamines; i say, well my boyfriend’s in a band, he plays guitar while i sing Lou Reed; i’ve got feathers in my hair, i get down to beat poetry; and my jazz collection’s rare, i can play most anything; i’m a Brooklyn baby.
Anonymous said:
May you gif the album trailer for ultraviolence? There's the bits that we haven't seen before in the videos, like the boys jumping on the bed x

Hey ya, just giffed it yesterday haha, it’s in my drafts. Will post it today :)