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Lana Del Rey, Coachella

Lana Del Rey, Coachella

Apr 23rd · 845 · source

Lana Del Rey, Coachella

Lana Del Rey, Coachella

puhre asked:
Hi! Normally I don't do this but would you be able to tell your followers to look at my last post? I'm kind of desperate to get these lana tickets off my hands. If not, I totally understand. Thanks for your time!

Everyone who needs tickets for May 11th (Philadelphia) get in touch with this girl!

Apr 21st · 1
Anonymous asked:
can you please post the gif from your icon or give the link to it?

Apr 20th · 15
godirhlutirgerasthaegt asked:
Do you know when West Coast's video will be released? x

Nope, no idea. xx

Apr 20th · 5

Okay so if any of you live in OHIO somewhere near Athens or Logan and you want to meet and like have an awkward stare contest or talk about Lana all day, hit me up.

Anonymous asked:
You seriously think she never underwent surgery?

All jokes aside, I honestly do think that she never had a surgery. Her nose is the same way it was in her young days. She probably did have some lip injections but I do not call that a surgery.