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A blog dedicated to Lana Del Rey. All gifs/edits are made/edited by me. If you have any questions, please read FAQ first and if the answer is not there, message me. I was 'lanagifs'' back in 2011.


Y’all should check out this youtube channel because it has literally the best videos from 60-90’s with Lana’s songs. Basically looks like the old videos Lana used to make. That’s my favorite youtube channel, I’ve been enjoying it for months now and I feel like it deserves way more attention, check it out :’)

James and Lana? I ship it

Anonymous said:
which songs from Ultraviolence are your faves??

I deeply love Florida Kilos, Money Power Glory, Old Money, Brooklyn Baby, Ultraviolence, Cruel World.

I will never in my life understand how people with long nails put their pants on.

Anonymous said:
Can you link Lana's performance?

Celebrate 4th of July by blasting Lana’s music in your car. Because that’s as American as it can get.